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Photography Challenge

Winning Prize Pool - INR 50,000 and a brand deal


An Internationally renowned panel of judges shall judge all entries of this challenge. 


You think you can shoot great pictures and develop these. This Challenge is for you. Click using professional cameras or your mobile phones, edit, develop and send us. It doesn’t matter who you are as long as you can click a great picture, just go for it.

Important Dates:

Entries Open / 30th July 2022

Entries Close / 2nd October 2022

Topics/Themes Announce / 7th October 2022

Challenge Begins / 8th October 2022

Challenge Ends / 9th October 2022 (midnight)

Winners Announce / 27th October 2022

Awards / 04th December 2022

Winners to get awards at the 4th Diorama International Film Festival Awards Ceremony, New Delhi.

Entry Fee //

($10) INR 750+ Taxes for Ages 17 and Above

($7) INR 500+ Taxes for Ages 17 and Below

Step 1

Click here to fill out the entry form. Once you do, you will get an email with the details.

Step 2

You will then get access to your Diorama Starter pack which has 150+ Masterclasses to learn, explore and experience different aspects of filmmaking, and other resources to help you get started.

Step 3

Read the Rules and Regulations in the PDF file below.

Step 4

Click the photos and the give themes, and be as creative as you want.

Step 5

Submit it online, with instructions given in the email.


Get Connected to Real Filmmakers, Interact with them, Pitch Ideas, and Kickstart your career in creative industries.

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Each participant gets

Winners Get


Q. Who can participate? A. Anyone. The Contest is open to all countries and regions without discrimination. Q. Any registration fee? A. The registration fee for each submission are Rs. 750 for Professional Category, Rs. 500 Amateur Category. Fees should be paid online before film submission. Q. What is the evaluation process and criteria? A. The criteria shall be decided by the respective Jury. However, generally, it is based on Concept, Composition, Lighting, Lensing, overall creativity and communication of the concept. Q. Is photo improvement/manipulation/SFX allowed ? A. Photo Manipulation isn't allowed. However, basic photo editing such as cropping, touch ups, changing brightness, contrast, etc is allowed. Q. Can I modify the film after submission? A. No. Once submitted the copy shall be deemed as final. Q. Can I participate in multiple Diorama Contests? A. Yes. Q. What about my pictures after the Challenge? A. Your award-winning pictures shall be displayed at the Diorama International Film Festival along with your name card. If you want to sell these pictures with frames, you should click that option. Q. Can I sponsor ? A. Yes. Please mail us at Q. What should be the aspect ratio? A. 1:1. 2:3 or 3:2. Q. What is the Content Creator's Agreement? A. This legally binding agreement shall help protect rights of the creator and Diorama as a platform. Hence, necessary.

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